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What is sonews?

sonews is a RCF 3977 compliant NNTP Usenet Server. It is written in Java and uses a database management system as backend (currently PostgreSQL and MySQL). sonews is highly multithreaded and uses Java NIO asynchronous sockets to handle thousands of concurrent connections.

Some features


This project hosts a small newsserver on its own, of course running with the most descent version of sonews. Use your Newsreader to connect to

    Protocol: NNTP (default)
    Port:     119 (default)

Currently down

Contact us if you want more groups or peering to another server.


sonews is Free Software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3. The sources of sonews can be found at Github.

Feel free to dig through the sources, report or fix bugs (if any...) or submit issues. Every help is welcome.


You will find binary and source releases here. Ubuntu users may be interested in the sonews PPA on Launchpad with packaged releases (warning: experimental).